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Our leading Online SMS service keeps things easy and simple. Sending mass text messages to customers, prospects, and staff could be done easily, quickly and effectively.

GTNotify: A trusted leader in business text messaging

We lead the SMS service provider market with a tailored and competitively priced SMS web platform as well as a variety of business text messaging solutions. We work with some of the most prominent businesses in the world to enhance and sustain customer engagement and drive results. We’ll partner with you to make your business text messaging efforts a success.

SMS marketing: Reach further with a bespoke SMS portal

SMS is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers. SMS can be used to run surveys, send reminders, facilitate bookings and to advertise special offers to drive greater sales. We’ll set you up with a custom SMS portal to allow you to serve your customer and your business objectives.

SMS APIs and full integration support

We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive SMS integration support for your business. That means our team will work with you to ensure your SMS APIs and API documentation fit seamlessly into your software and internal processes. We’ll develop a solution around your needs, then build it into your operation exactly as you require.

Why Choose GTNotify SMS Online?

Sending messages to national and international customers is a complicated task. All businesses need expert solutions with personalized features to connect an organization with their leads.


With our GTNotify SMS solution, you can send a birthday greeting message to each one of all your customers with just one click. It is faster and save time.


When you have a promotion and want to send it out to all your customers at once, you can do it with our SMS Broadcasting feature and you can select as many number as you want.


With automated SMS reminders to customers and staffs, everyone will be notified for the upcoming event or appointment. They will no longer missed it.


Set up appointment reminders that replace manual tasks. Reduce No-Shows by 90%. Save time with Automation.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that you’ll get great peace of mind with our premium mass SMS solution. Above all, our technologies can deal with all the needs of your business.

We promise and give you the ultimate SMS delivery. Our effective service for reaching individuals efficiently, easily and quickly.

With years of experience in the related industry, GTNotify is having a good relationship with the clients and industry leaders in the region. We focus on providing the best SMS marketing in which we have the expertise and we can add value to our experiences portfolio.

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