Frequently Asked Questions

1 – How to write a good SMS marketing message?

If your message has the following 3 factors, your SMS marketing message will achieve better results compare other kind of message:
• Strong Offer, SMS marketing message should have an attractive offer, that is the most important factors of a successful message campaign.
• Time Limit, message with a time limit will urge people to take action rather delay the action. Example, Offer expires on 31 July, or offer valid for 3 days.
• Call for Action, message with a call for action. Example: call 98765432 now, or visit website now, will have more people response.

2 – What’s appropriate to promote in my SMS marketing?

The best topics to promote with your SMS messages include:
• Promotional – giveaways, discounts, special sales.
• Surveys – ask your prospects or customer what they think.
• Customer service – follow up with your customers with appointment times or to get Feedback on service interactions.
• Transactional – send receipts and reminders.
• Event invitations – invite guests to your events with a short message.

3 – What time of day should I send messages via SMS?

Set your SMS marketing campaigns to send only during business hours of business days. This channel is still personal. Even though subscribers have explicitly opted in to receiving messages to you, they’re still going to be wary of this marketing channel. Don’t wear out your welcome; be respectful of subscribers’ time and attention.

4 – How often should I send my SMS marketing campaigns?

Frequency of messages should be no more than two to three times a month, especially as you’re building your list and nurturing trust with your subscribers on this channel. Don’t send the same message over and over again. If it’s the same offer, say it a different way.

5 – How many words should I include in my copy?

Not many. This is no time to be verbose. Network providers limit SMS marketing messages to 160 characters. You’ll have to get to the point while enticing your SMS subscriber to take action. We won’t lie – this is no easy feat. SMS marketing is a new channel, and as such, comes with new challenges. No doubt learning to write concisely AND persuasively will be a learning curve, but it’s a must if you want your SMS marketing to be a success.

6 – What tone should I strike in my messages?

SMS is a casual communication channel in our personal lives, so striking a more casual tone in your SMS marketing messages is appropriate. Striking too professional of a tone with SMS can come off sounding cold or standoffish. However, avoid swinging too far to the other side of the fence in being overly casual. Don’t use abbreviations or slang unless it’s a typical part of your already established branding.

7 – How do I get people to sign up for my SMS marketing?

You can ask existing subscribers to opt in for SMS marketing campaigns. Remember, you must gain explicit consent from them and record exactly how and when you received that consent. You can also gain new SMS subscribers along with new email subscribers by updating any website forms to include an option for SMS marketing. Again, make sure it is 100% clear what people are opting in to receive.

8 – How do I integrate my SMS campaigns with my other channels for message consistency?

SMS isn’t just a powerful channel on its own. It increases the potency of an entire lifecycle marketing strategy when combined with other channels such a website and email marketing. Integrate your SMS messaging through marketing automation campaigns. When someone takes an action (or doesn’t take an action), you can set up a personalized SMS message to send to them to increase the likelihood of conversion.
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