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Date: Jan 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is a promotional activity designed for delivery to mobile phones. SMS marketing is one component of this that delivers the information in the form of SMS to an audience. SMS marketing can complement your business’ other marketing media and add value to your customer journey.

Is mobile marketing one-way communication?

Some solutions are, in fact, one-way messaging solutions that simply deliver information to a recipient. This doesn’t optimize the benefits of mobile marketing.

Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution not only delivers information automatically in a variety of different campaigns and features, it also allows you to receive responses from your audience. This important feature separates Grep Tech’s solutions from other competitors offering only web, PC or cloud based SMS solutions.

What is SMS instant win?

It’s a key marketing feature of Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution.

It allows your audience to opt in for a lucky draw.

Our automated system will close the draw on the end date, randomly select a winner and even notify both you and your winner instantly!

At the end of the draw, you get a great database of new contacts for other promotions.

Isn’t social marketing the in thing these days?

Well, yes it is but social media marketing still requires your audience to choose to receive your information. They have the option of simply glancing past your posts so while you may have a reach of over 100,000 users, only a fraction of the users may end up reading and even lower engaging with you.

SMS Marketing delivers your information directly to your the users’ mobile phones. 98% of them will read what you have to say, increasing your reach and your engagement rating.

How is GT Notify different from its competitors?

Grep Tech is not a PC/web/cloud based solution. Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution includes hardware and user friendly software. The combination of both creates a dedicated SMS server that is more secure than the other solutions out there.

How secure is GT Notify?

Data security is important to us and is specifically why we designed our solution to create a private SMS network. This is unlike other web/cloud based solutions so that your precious customer database cannot be leaked through the internet.

What is an auto responder?

The auto responder is a powerful feature in engaging with your customers. A lot of sales are lost because a customer is kept waiting for information or action. The auto responder ensures your customers are responded to instantly, 24/7 every day. The auto responder even caters to different keywords so that your messages are personalized for every kind of transaction.

Can customers opt out of receiving SMS?

Yes, they can. Because Grep Tech’s Notify SMS system can receive responses, it can also automatically unsubscribe any users who respond a trigger keyword that tells the system to automatically remove the user from the list. This way, you don’t have to do it manually!

What is a keyword campaign?

Keyword campaigns are automated responder workflows that are triggered by incoming keywords from your customers. You can set all the workflows up at the start of your campaign and let our system do all the work for you.

How many keyword campaigns can I program on GT Notify?

As many as you like! Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution can handle unlimited keyword campaigns.

How fast does GT Notify send out messages?

On average GT Notify system can sent out 1200 messages per hour!

Isn’t SMS impersonal?

Most are but with Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution, you can personalize warm and friendly messages so that your customers can feel like it’s a one to one conversation.

Can I hide my number from my messages?

We found that the highest returns on investments occur when our clients engage in two-way communication with its audience. This is facilitated by Grep Tech’s unique solution that allows responses. A number is required for responses to be sent.

Do I have to limit messages to 160 characters?

Grep Tech’s Notify SMS system can support long messages beyond 160 characters so they appear as one message to your audience*.

Telcos will still charge you based on 160 characters per SMS.

What language does GT Notify support?

Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution supports multi languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and much, much more!

Do I have to create campaigns from scratch every time?

Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution has a template tool that allows you to file message templates to re-use over and over again. Creating new campaigns will be a breeze!

What if I have to make urgent changes but don’t have access to computer?

Don’t fret! We understand that changes need to be made on the fly. Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution allows you to administer your compaigns remotely via SMS!

If you don’t remember how to do it, you can always SMS for help and a response will give you the instructions instantly.

Can I remind recipients if a dead line is due?

Absolutely! Grep Tech’s powerful Notify SMS solution has an automated follow-up scheduler that can send reminders so that your customers can take advantage of your promotions before the end date.

Can GT Notify send message to oversea recipients?

Sure! Simply ensure the contact numbers include a country code*.

*Telcos will charge overseas SMS rates accordingly.

Can I activate a campaign without a computer?


With Grep Tech’s Notify SMS system, you can easily activate a SMS blast via SMS.

Can I show my company name instate of show phone number from my messages?

We found that the highest returns on investments occur when our clients engage in two-way communication with its audience. This is facilitated by Grep Tech’s unique solution that allows responses. A number is required for responses to be sent.

Can I integrate GT Notify into my existing applications?


We developed our application in-house so we can easily integrate it to suit your business needs.

What will Grep Tech do for its resellers?

We supply our resellers with our product and provide product warranty.

As the manufacturer and the developer, we also provide comprehensive technical support and work with our resellers to weave in new features to enhance the end user experience. Afterall, their customers are our customers too.

We give reseller training on our product so that they are equipped with all they need to know to sell our product to the masses.

We even market our resellers through email, our regular seminars and annual trade shows.

Did we also mention a huge discount on our product? It’s a win-win for everybody.

What if my customer is on the Do-Not-Call registry?

Since the Do-Not-Call Registry came into effect in Singapore in 2014, businesses need to seek consent from their audience before sending marketing information. However, there are ways to overcome this.

When a customer subscribes to your campaign by initiating the contact through SMS, that is expressed consent and you can send marketing materials to them even if they are registered on the Do-Not-Call Registry, until the subscriber decides to opt out of the campaign.

With Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution, you can even export your contact list to verify their DNC status. Once this is returned with the result, you can easily upload it back into the system and it will automatically mark the contacts who are safe to reach out to. This saves you the time and hassle from administrating your database on your own.

Can I import my existing database into GT Notify?

With Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution, you can easily import and export customer databases with a swift click of a button.

Can GT Notify be customized?

Absolutely! We are constantly developing new features for our clients. Scheduled follow-up SMS is one example. We want to ensure that Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution is the best all-in-one system for all your mobile marketing needs.

What is in a free trial?

We will meet to assess your business goals and see how mobile marketing can enhance your marketing initiatives and your customer journey.

We’ll set up our system and leave it running with you so that you can see the returns and results for yourself.

What do I contact for technical support?

Grep Tech is passionate about after-sales service. We want to make sure that our SMS solution is adding the best returns to your investment.

If you require any technical support, contact us by email or Facebook and we will contact you to troubleshoot shortly.

What would a reseller have to do?

Our resellers generally incorporate Grep Tech’s Notify SMS system into their suite of product and service offerings. They market and sell us to end users and provide the end users with the first level of support.

They also provide us with quarterly sales forecast so that we can fulfill their orders. They give us feedback on our product and work with us on how we can enhance it so that gives the end user a better experience.

How long is delivery and setup?

Once we receive an order, we deliver within the next business day pending stock availability.

Setup takes a mere 10 minutes.

We also schedule a complimentary 1 hour training session so that you and your colleagues can administer the system effectively.

Ready to place your order?

Can I use GT Notify SMS system in other countries?

It depends. But most of the time, it is YES.

It depends on the country specific telecoms system and requirement, but we have made the system easily adaptable to many situations.

Currently, GT Notify system support 2G network Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and 3G network Dual-band UMTS/HSPA+: 900/2100MHz. Which covers nearly all the countries in the world.

You can also set the timezone and country code, to suit your country environment.

Do I have to pay for software updates?


Grep Tech is committed to the product and will continue to add new functions and features to the GT Notify system, and user can always get the latest update for FREE.

The software update is simple, just click the Update link on the menu, and click proceed. The system will download the latest update and apply the update automatically.

Please make sure at this time, you need to have the INTERNET connection for the GT Notify system to download the update.

How is marketing is relevant in my industry?

Mobile marketing can be a powerful tool in any industry if you know how to use it effectively. In this digital world, nearly all your customers would be connected through mobile phones. Mobile marketing will help you monetize this fact.

Grep Tech’s Notify SMS solution has driven sales and enhanced customer experience in many different industries including healthcare, education, F&B, wellness, supply chain, property, events management, and even currency exchange!

Let us evaluate your business processes and work together with you in building your mobile marketing strategy.